The Hospitality Podcast Ep1: Sanchita Tuli

About Sanchita Tuli

Sanchita is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 17 years’ experience in the Hotel and Services industry. She has worked in varying capacities across local brands like Mahindra Holiday & Resorts, Jaypee hotels, ITC hotels, and Taj Hotels. She has also worked with Accor and IHG thus demonstrating experience in the entire breadth of players in the hospitality industry. She is also an expert at Human Resource Management and Training. Currently, at the Indian School of Hospitality, she is the Director of HR as well as a Senior Learning Facilitator.

Podcast Recording

Podcast Episode 1 with Sanchita Tuli

Key Takeaways

  • The biggest challenge will be to adapt to the dynamically changing industry
  • Salaries have definitely taken a setback since we had not planned for such circumstances. We have experienced huge financial crises before, yet not streamlined our sustenance processes. This is an eye-opener.
  • Guests trust the larger hotels and chains, hence guests will always come back to them. So guests’ trust will be lopsided to favor the established brands with loyal customers.
  • From the hotels’ end, every part and department of the hotels are being trained in issues of safety and security, so the industry is doing everything possible to gain customers’ trust. But the customer is a smart person and knows what he/she wants.
  • Every single hotel chain will adapt to be more tech-savvy. Technology is the way to go. Digitization will also help in the personalisation of experiences.
  • The entire concept of checking-in automatically and digitally was adopted at hotels abroad, but now every hotel will have to adapt this. In F&B as well, food ordering will go completely digital. Cleaning processes will go digital.
  • Adoption of technology was a privilege earlier, it will become the norm now.
  • Different states of India will see a rise in hotel guests at different points in time, as and when businesses will open up. We live in a world of tourism, it will eventually pick up.
  • The future of hospitality needs human resources that are young, gen-y people who can adapt to technology and innovate.

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