Contactless Technology that hotels are using to revive business post COVID-19

The hospitality industry is facing an unprecedented blow as a result of the global pandemic and is finding ways to re-emerge from this highly dangerous standstill in business as quickly as possible. Globally as we transition to a new normal dominated by ‘social-distancing’ and ‘contactless services’ in all sectors, the hospitality industry too is revamping their existing service protocols and health and hygiene standards for their guests. As health and well-being have become a vital part of life, all businesses are striving to find solutions that adhere to the guidelines set by WHO, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Health Department. Ensuring sustainable and safe tourism by implementing all advisory protocols is the need of the hour for the hospitality industry. 

It is imperative to realise that the fear factor set in every guest’s mind will persist for a long time and the industry must focus on long-term solutions. How can the industry forestall this emerging perpetual fear of too much proximity? We have been deeply invested in the hospitality industry and constantly envision the role of technology in the contactless future of hospitality. 

HelloSuite provides a digital solution to assist hotels to drive more revenue while simultaneously adhering to all guidelines and ensuring the guests’ safety. Our customised progressive web app effectively plays the role of a virtual concierge. It eliminates the guests’ reliance on the front desk by enabling them to conveniently explore all hotel services and perform tasks from their own devices that would have otherwise required a call or visit to the front desk. Cab bookings, room-service, spa appointments, and check-in and check-out are just a few of the many services provided by this technology. Human contact is significantly reduced, efficiency is increased, operational costs are lowered, all while maintaining social distancing guidelines. This digital solution will adapt to the transforming business conditions in the hospitality sector by providing the following services:

1. In-room Services

Guests can request extra beds, towels, bathroom amenities, dental kits, and all other in-room services right from the app itself. The app remains the primary mode of communication between the guests and the staff. As a staff member delivers an item to the doorstep, a notification is sent to the guest which signifies service request completion. Human contact is kept at a minimum through the process.

2. Digital Food Ordering

By digitizing the menu and the ordering process, HelloSuite enables the guests to browse through a myriad of food and dining options, not only making the in-room dining experience more efficient and convenient but also taking into account the guests’ apprehensions about large community dining spaces. In addition menu engineering has been made easier and staff operations too have become contactless.

3. Personalized Digital Chat

The combination of the personalized live chat and the automated chatbot ensures a highly effective communication system that successfully addresses all the guest’s needs without them having to leave the room. Not only is guest engagement improved but also their safety is ensured throughout. Guests can freely request any of the hotel’s services and amenities including room service, laundry, and housekeeping. All the requests can be easily managed in real-time using our Request Management System.

4. Digital Check-in and Check-out

The technology automates and optimizes the check-in and check-out process. The mobile check-in feature minimizes human contact in the process and allows guests to directly go to their room thereby avoiding crowded waiting areas.

5. Contactless payments

It enables the guests to make payments without any contact. Hygiene is maintained and payments can be made from the comfort of the guest’s own mobile device, without touching a card reader.

6. Housekeeping requests

Using the mobile app, it will be convenient for guests to schedule housekeeping requests at any time of the day in such a way that the staff doesn’t come in close proximity to the guests.

In addition to resolving social distancing concerns, the digital concierge also helps in revenue upselling for the hotel by profiling different guests and making recommendations that address their preferences. It identifies trends and increases mobility for sales. It helps guests visualize their experience, thereby increasing the sales revenue. The technology also assists in better decision making by providing detailed analytics of campaign performance, guest usage and purchase patterns along with the financial analysis of the most used services and products. 

The effectiveness of contactless arrangements like HelloSuite are essential to minimise the risk associated with covid19. In today’s time the adoption of such technology has been established as one of the important “Hotel Evaluation Parameters.” The success of upcoming operations in the hospitality industry is highly dependent on the extent of digitisation undertaken. Not only does it enhance customer experience but also ensure high standards of hygiene and safety to make guests feel more comfortable about availing hospitality services in the new normal. Contactless hospitality is the new future.

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